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Casa Grande Realty: Your Partner in Success

“Addressing the needs of the professional realtor by offering completive plans to assist the realtor in maximizing their earning potential.”

Casa Grande Realty understands the challenges professional realtors face in today’s completive market. We fully understand the frustration of having to split your hard-earned commission. We offer the most comprehensive and completive plans on the market today specifically designed for you to maximize your earning potential with all the benefits of a traditional real estate brokerage. Yes. There are other alternative agencies offering discount rates. But you will be hard pressed to find an agency with all the advantages of a traditional brokerage. The decision is for you to make. You have to decide if you are ready to take the giant step to take control of your earning potential. If you are ready to keep all your hard-earned commissions, then give us a call to set-up an interview with the Broker to determine how we can assist you. We are here for you. CGR is “Your Partner in Success”.

Some of the benefits offered by CGR:

  • Completive Plans
  • 100% Commission Paid at Closing
  • Complete Broker and Administrative Support
  • HUD Approved Broker
  • All Transactions include E & O
  • No Hidden Fees
  • In-House Lender
  • Advanced Commissions
  • 7 Different MLS Locations
  • 3 Convenient Locations in Austin
  • Professionally Detailed Offices
  • Advanced Work-Stations
  • Professional Training Classes
  • All the Tools Necessary for YOU to Succeed